The University Held a Student Symposium

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On the afternoon of October 10th, the university held a student symposium in the conference room A407 of Building of Teaching and Scientific Research. Xu Jinshou, Vice President, presided over the seminar, Academic Affairs Office,the Student Affairs Office, the relevant leaders of the Youth League Committee and 40 students from 8 secondary colleges.

At the meeting, Xu Jinshou and the students had a full exchange of concerns on the assessment. He pointed out from the "three benefits" that the main work of the university is around the growth of students, the development of teachers and the improvement of the quality of talent training. The assessment of conformity is closely related to the students. For further improvement, the biggest direct beneficiaries will be students.

Xu Jinshou combined many of vivid cases with his rich experience. He asked the students to improve their ability to express themselves, pay attention to eloquence training, have a clear understanding of their own employment, plan for future development as early as possible, read and understand the university's transfer of professional and student status management, and operate the university. Understand the operation and feedback mechanism of the university, and give correct evaluation to teachers' classroom teaching. He hopes that the students will correct their attitudes, pay attention to details of daily life and the improvement of their own cultivation, carry forward the main theme, exert positive energy, and become an excellent college student.

The symposium ended with a warm applause from the classmates.

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