The 10th National Surveying and Mapping Professional Young Teachers Lecture Competition Opened in Our University

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On July 26th, the 10th National Surveying and Mapping Professional Young Teachers Lecture Competition was opened in the Wenzhou Hall of our university. President Hua Ertian gave a warm welcome speech. Academician Li Jiancheng, the Chairman of Surveying and Mapping Teaching Advisory Board of Ministry of Education, delivered an opening speech. Professor Jin Fengxiang, President of Shandong Jianzhu University, presided over the opening ceremony.

This competition lasted three days, and was attended by more than 160 participants from 86 colleges and universities across the country. The judges consisted of 87 professors and associate professors from 59 universities. In this competition, the number of participating teachers and the number of judges all reached the highest in history.

This competition is to activity train the teaching skills of young teachers. It is an important measure to strengthen the training of surveying and mapping teachers, and builds a platform for learning and communication among young teachers in surveying and mapping. 

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