Xu Jinshou, the Vice President, leading the exchange and survey at Changshu Institute of Technology

Announcer:Ren YudunRelease time:2019-07-01Views:105

On June 26, Xu Jinshou, the vice president, visited Changshu Institute of Technology (the Institute below) and led the exchange and survey there, for further deepening the industry-teaching integration and promoting international education exchange. Zhang Genhua, the vice president of the Institute, received the universitys exchange team and held the informal discussion.

Zhang Genhua, the vice president, warmly welcomed the universitys team and introduced Changshu Institute of Technology in brief. The Institute thinks highly of the industry-teaching integration. In recent years, the Institute has actively explored and executed the dual-development mode consisting of professional certification and the industry-teaching integration, resulting in certain experience in the aspect of industry-learning cooperation and international cooperation in school running. Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power is known for the distinctive industrial features. The university and the Institute share the same goal of school running. Both parties hope to have more exchange and learn from each other, drawing on strong points and overcoming weak points. Leaders related to the Teaching?Affairs?Department and the International Exchanges and Cooperation Department respectively made special exchange about the industry-teaching integration and international cooperation in school running.

Xu Jinshou, the vice president of the university, introduced the university and highly praised the remarkable results the Institute achieved. Changshu Institute of Technology upgraded to a university level upon the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2004. The institute bears several identities, such as the first pilot higher education institution in China for the new round of undergraduate teaching qualification assessment under the Ministry of Education, a pilot higher education institution for “National Educational System Reforms”, a higher education institution under the construction of the national “Thirteenth Five-Year” applied undergraduate project of the industry-teaching integration development, and a pilot higher education institution for “Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Plans” under the Ministry of Education. The Institute’s valuable experience serves the university as a sound reference.

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