Exchange and Informal Discussion between the President, Hua Ertian, and the Deputy Director of the Qiantang New District, Li Guomei, etc.

Announcer:Zhang ChanggengRelease time:2019-07-04Views:150

At the afternoon on July 3, Li Guomei, the deputy director of the Management Committee of the Qiantang New District, and Qian Xiaohua, the director of the Education and Health Bureau, etc. visited the university for exchange. Hua Ertian, the university president, presided the informal discussion and people like Jiang Hanzhao, the vice president, and managers of relevant functional departments, attended the discussion.

Hua Ertian expressed the warm welcome to Li Guomei, etc. for their visit. He briefly introduced the history of the university and key development nodes and such. The president pointed out that the university featured by water resources and hydropower has advantageous disciplines and characteristic majors; the university can make use of its own advantages, with a purpose to contribute to fields like the local economic construction of the Qiantang New District, the treatment and planning of rivers and waters, and strong electricity treatment.

Li Guomei sincerely thanked the university for backing the Qiantang New District-based causes in term of aspects like scientific and technological services and technical support. She pointed out that the Qiantang New District would pay more attention to the cooperation and exchange with higher education institutions within the district. She hoped that both parties could reach mutual benefits and a win-win situation by strengthening cooperation in term of scientific and technological innovation, ecological construction, and personnel exchange and such.

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